Price x 1000 VND


A throughly soothing body massage using specially blended essential oils.

Time        60’           75’          90’          120’

Price       430          510         600        775

Thai Massage

This strong and joint-cracking massage uses both palm and thumb force to concentrate on pressure point over the whole body, help relax muscles and create on overall sense of well-being

Time        60’           75’          90’          120’

Price       450          550        650          850

Traditional thai massage

Thai massage without oil

Time        60’           75’          90’          120’

Price       450           550         650          850

Herbal hot

This heated compress of aromatic herbs and spices creates a heavenly massage treatment. The combination of selected herbs, encased in a cotton poultice, relaxing warth and activating massage leads to a feeling of well-being for body and soul.


Time 75’                           Price 650


Shiatsu Massage

This firm and masterfull massage originadeted from Japanese acupressure techniques. It focuses on deeply pressing on tender or sensitive points that help stimulate blood flow, release toxins, and allow the body to naturally heal itself.


Time        75’           90’ 

Price       600           720


Synery massage

A combination massage utilizing the very best of Thai, Shiatsu and Vietamese massage techniques to stimulate the body’s meridians; resultig in energy, balane and restored health.


Time        90’           120’ 

Price       650           850


Head neck, Back & shoulder massageTime 45’                           Price 380