Revive your face with a deep cleanse and moisturizing using the finest skin care products. With each kind of facial care in our spa, we use the best products from Dead Sea and Jean D’Arcel

With 4 basic steps:

Cleanse: Using fresh milk and sensitive skin face cream to clean your face with warm mineral water.

Steam and Scrub: Steaming the face pores helps to relax blood circulation. During steam time, the therapist will use scrub cream to take dead skin off your face using soft massage therapy

Massage: The third step, which is an important step in the process of facial care is massage. The therapist will use the method of acupressure and gentle massage to help your skin completely relax.

Facial Mask: Finally we use special masks depending on your skill type to cover your face. The mask helps your face skin to become smoother, stronger and brighter.


Time                 Price
Facial care with seasonal fruit60’                      420
Basic facial care60’                      450
Skin whitening and increasing moisture60’                      500
Face acnes care70’                      550
Anti – anging facial with collagen mask75’                      650

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